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Tfu Tfu font by

This is the page of Tfu Tfu font. It was created by . This font is free and can be used without any restrictions. It was published on on Tuesday 21st of May 2013 at 05:02 AM and was placed in the "Gothic - Medieval" cattgory. Version of the Tfu Tfu font is "Version 1.50". You can download Tfu Tfu font for free by clicking download button. This font was comressed in a ZIP archive for your convenience. It contains 1 font files.

Note of the author

My kitty can make fonts. One day I was hanging around with my lovely kitty-cat, browsing different types of fonts. My kitty surprisingly started to stare at each typeface, examining its typographical correctness and structure, the serifs and the stroke angle. Suddenly, she meowed. It wasn't the regular kind of meow - it was her special meow. The meow she uses to greet people she likes... At that moment, it just hit my mind - my kitty happens to like Goudy's typeface. Goudy is that font on the cover of The New York Times... The one that says "The New York Times". Yeah. Anyways... My kitty seemed to get all giddy and stuff, so I made a printout of it and let my kitty play with it. In a very extreme measure of carefulness, she started toodling around with the font - scrach here, scratch there - wrinkle here, wrinkle there. She started to get bored from this routine quite fastly, so I took the poor piece of paper and rolled it to the shape of the ball. You should've seen the look of graditude on her face when she found out she could now both play and make a font at the same time! To make a long story short, I eventually took the wad of material previously known as a piece of paper and scanned it into a font. And now you can have it. So there.

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