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Frequently Asked Questions

What font formats are available on this site?

On this website are available fonts TrueType (.TTF) and OpenType (.OTF).

How to install a font in Windows?

Method 1
If you are using Windows 7 or Vista, you should unpack the zip archive, click right mouse button on the file of the font and in the menu select "Install ".

If you are using Windows XP, you should unpack the zip archive, and then press the button "start" and open the "control Panel". In the window that appears, locate the "Fonts" , and clicking on it, open the font directory. Find the font you want to install and press "OK".

Method 2
In any version of Windows, extract the zip archive, select the font files, extracted from the archive. Then click the right mouse button on any one of them and press "Copy". After this, go to the directory C:\Windows\Fonts (if your operating system is installed on drive "C:" ) and run the command "Insert".

Method 3
In any version of Windows, after unpacking the zip archive, double-click on the font file. In the opened window of the program "Font Viewer" press "Install "button.

How to install the font on Mac?

In Mac OS X, version 10.3 or higher:
Double-Click on the extracted file of the font, then, in the preview window click on the button "Install font", situated at the bottom of the window.

In any version of Mac OS X:
Place the unpacked the font file in the directory "/Library/Fonts", so that it is available for all users, or in the directory "/Users/Your_username/Library/Fonts". In the latter case it will only be available for your user.

In versions of Mac OS 9 or older:
First of all You must unpack and convert the font files (. TTF or. OTF) from an archive that you downloaded. Then transfer the files-bags (suitcase) in the system directory. The system prompts you to add them to the folder of Fonts.

How to install a font in Linux?

Unzip the downloaded zip archive. Then copy the files of fonts (.ttf or .otf) in the way of fonts:// in the file Manager, or place them in the directory /home/.fonts. Note that this directory is hidden.

License info and restrictions

The authors of the fonts often impose restrictions on the use of the font. Often, to determine how you can use the or Noah font, introduces such a notion as "Private" and "Commercial" use.

For personal use usually include those spheres which do not imply a profit. For example:
* Scrapbooking
* Graphic design for blogs or personal websites
* Design t-shirts for personal use or as a gift to friends
* Leaflets, for inviting friends and family

The commercial can be attributed use of the font in any kind of activity, directed on reception of profit. For example:
* Design works for the customer (logo, business card, website)
* Printing on t-shirts made with the purpose of implementation of
* The text or graphics in the book
* Use on the boards or posters of the event, on which a fee for the entrance
* And others.

On our site the most often mentioned the following types of licenses:

Demo -
This is a demo version of the font.

Free / Freeware -
This is a free font. It can be used without any restrictions.

Free for personal use -
This font is free for personal use. It cannot be used for commercial purposes. You can contact the author to clarify the terms of commercial use.

Donationware -
This means that you can freely use them for personal purposes. Commercial use is possible only after the donation to the autho's address.

Public domain GNU / GPL -
This means that it is free for private and commercial use.

Shareware -
Try before you buy this font. When used for an extended period you must purchase a license.

Unknown -
License, which applies the font is unknown. You should contact the author of the font to clarify the conditions of its use.